Store Mosse National park

Store Mosse National park

Store Mosse National park

Store Mosse National park

A nature similar to northern Sweden in southern Sweden

A sense of northern wildernes

Store Mosse National Park is 30 minutes by car from Hestraviken and is the largest untouched wet land south of Lapland. The vegetation is similar to the northern wilderness and has over 40 km of hiking on trails and board walks.

The park and the animals

It is as large as 10 840 soccer fields and the vegetation is similar to the northern. The great calm creates an abundance of wildlife with many birds. There is the chance to see both golden eagles and moose. In spring, you meet many cranes which is a character bird in front of others.

Visitor center

There is a visitor center in the park where you can study birds indoors through panoramic windows, learn about the park’s history, taking part in different exhibitions participate in activities and get guided tours, etc. At the visitor center is also a large outdoor bird tower as you all year round can look out over the bird life.

Guide and hiking

During the summer you can make snowshoe hikes and in winter it is popular to go skiing.

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