Nissan and the five lakes north and south of Hestraviken N. Lake Gussjön, Hammarsjön, Algustorpssjön and S. Lake Gussjön offers great fishing. This occurs blah. pike, perch, roach, trout, walleye, whitefish, burbot, bleak, ide, ruffe, bream, rudd, tench, gudgeon m. fl. Fishing licenses are required and are available at the reception.

Hestraviken have boats, canoes, fishing rods and life jackets

Algustorpasjön, Viksjön and Nissan

This is the water that is at Hestraviken and is Algustorpasjön you see from Hestraviken. Vik is the lake to the south of us. Nissan flows through the two lakes and the connection between the Lakes is the part of Nissan going through our site. Algustorpasjön the örikaste and habitat in terms of the most varied of all the lake Nissa lakes. Vik is the second örikaste and it also has a varied biotope

Here are several places where it is perfectly possible to fish from shore. The beaches around Svartvik in Algustorpasjön is a good example of this, although opportunities also exist elsewhere. Here around Svartvik are also good opportunities to practice modern angling, mashing etc..

The many risvasarna has been very nice abborrtillhåll and it is to some extent still despite vasarna nowadays are not maintained. A leash matabborre it is sometimes not difficult to get when you angle on live bait fish. Even jig and småspinnare can be sharp abborrvapen. A colorful fly hanger in front of the spinner can be deadly effective. However, be prepared that even the pike like “candy”.

Greatest known sport fishing pike weighing 12.4 kg. Kilo bass are not uncommon. Zander around trekilosstrecket are not uncommon.

Best fishing time is sunrise and one hour ahead, and in the evenings.

Fly fishing stretch at Nissafors use

Shortly after leafing and a month ahead is perhaps the best time to try out trout fishing both here along the fly-fishing stretch at Nissafors use and up at Alabo Stock.

Nissan at Nissafors use has, not too big, but stable populations of trout with relatively good sell.

Like up at Alabo Stock, you have to master the underhand throw substantial advantages because the vegetation is bothersome near the river. This is only fly fishing allowed. If you intend to wade, so this should be done with great caution. The smaller of you who are in the water, the greater the chances of fish contact. You must wade, so make sure you have felt soles in your boots – the stones in the river is very slippery.

Good choice of flies can be imitations of heptagenia, Ephemera Danica, flicksländenymfer and streaking caddis and harörenymfer. An imitation of an eel fry can sometimes produce results.

The upper part of the dam and down to the stream below f d turbine discharge is what some call a pocket fishing. This applies certainly to get the fly in the exact position.

Fishing ban applies from 16 / 9-31 / 3 along this section and also on the route at Alabo Stock.

Kroksjöns fishing camp

At Hook Sea fishing camp about 15 km from Hestraviken is possible to fish stocked rainbow trout and brown trout, and fishing camp is very busy during the season from May to October.