Canoe and boat tours at the river Nissan and the Nissan lakes

The hotel features both canoes, rowing boats and life jackets

The tour starts directly at the hotel

The river Nissan flows through our grounds. The river and it´s lakes invite to canoe and rowing boat tours on your own. Imagine how wonderful it is to peacefully gliding across the lakes and at the river Nissan. In the two connecting lakes there are several small islands and beaches, suitable for a picnic or a swim. .

Canoe way Nissan is about 8 mil long waterway in Gislaved Municipality with nine picnic areas that have shelter, firewood, barbecue, waste bin and toilet. Natural assets are along the river in the form of naturresarvaten Isaberg, Värö, Ettö and Villstad village.

Historical has the river Nissan been an important water transport route for timber by floating. In our ground is a berth for emptying the timber in the river. Industry’s emergence in Gislaved and Gnosjö also originated from Nissan through power generation, today there are four dams remain.