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Beautifully located with lake view next to Isaberg mountain in Småland

In the dense forests of Småland, with a wonderful view of lake Algustorpasjön and with the River Nissan running through its grounds, Hestraviken hotel stands, like an idyll, with its beautiful garden, small red timbered houses and the splendid yellow manor dating from the early 1900.

The tastefully furnished rooms and luxurious suites are located in the various houses around the grounds. One of the houses are actually so close to the river Nissan, that you can fish from the balcony.

Here are a multitude of things you can do: Swim in the clean, quiet Småland’s lakes, canoeing on the river, hiking in the beautiful countryside, play golf, cycling, mountain biking at Isaberg, ride with horses in the woods, fish in the lake, visit the theme park High Chaparral, ski at Isaberg in the winter, etc.

Offering supberb comfort, great hospitality and excellent food, the Hellström family has attracted guests for years.

Today the third generation of the family Hellström welcomes you.

Business guest at Hestraviken hotel

Being a business guest with us is pleasant. Our location in the middle of nature yet so close to all the villages in the Gnosjö region is unique. In less than 20 minutes you reach the villages Gnosjö, Anderstorp, Hillerstorp and Gislaved. You get a friendly and homely atmosphere with the opportunity to many nature activities and spa. The warmth, peacefulness, service and food – is something that our guests especially tend to appreciate.


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Riverside Spa en magisk upplevelse på Hestraviken hotell vid Nissan i Småland ...