Around Hestraviken and Isaberg there are a variety of trails for forest hiking in a breathtaking scenery. You choose the level of difficulty and time required by mood. A quiet walk around the lake? Or maybe it fits better with a climb up Giant Trail?

Hiking at Hestraviken and Isaberg

Hiking is a great way to get close to nature. Hike to the top of Isaberg, around Algustorpasjön or just a short ride on our trails along the lakes at the hotel. It’s also really long leads to follow that Järnbärarleden going to Gnosjö and Gislaved trail that is 10 mil long from Kinnared Isaberg in the south to the north. Combine the hike to pick mushrooms and berries in season.

Maps are available at the reception and we are happy to provide suggestions for your wishes

Here are three tips at hotel

Perfect for jogging with a soft surface and a slightly hilly terrain. A portion of the loop have nice views of Isaberg and Algustorpasjön

Go right over the flyover and then take a left at the Red House. Follow the red marks that are posted along the trail.

2 km loop marked with red on the mappaper map

A nice walk there for half the distance to arrive at a beautiful beach, suitable for serving up picnic on.

Go over the railway towards Vik, pass three red houses, and then take the gravel road to the left, after running slow children at play sign, follow it until you come to a turn-off to the right. Here you can choose to go down to the beach or continue the trail along the water until it turns up the Vikvägen again.

1.5 km trail, marked in blue on the map, paper map

A longer walk through Ettö nature reserve which offers very beautiful scenery and flora. There are many beautiful picnic spots.

To go round clockwise to go to the end of our garden and go straight across the road, starting at the black dot and follow the pink arrows around the lake. Counterclockwise go over the flyover to the left at the red house and follow the pink arrows.

9.5 km trail suitable for walking, jogging and mountain bike cycling marked with dark pink on the map, paper map

A steep climb to the summit of Isaberg by a cool mountain gorge. On the way to climb it is a beautiful trail along the lake.

To go round go to the end of our garden and go straight across the road, starting at the black dot and follow the pink arrows until you reach a gravel road. Then you follow the dirt road to the main road (26). Cross the main road to the bike path on the other side. Follow the cycle path to the right (north) until you come to a large gate in the rock. To the left of the gate is a steep path through the mountain gorge. Follow the steep path until you see the vantage tower on top. Take the trail up to the tower. Then you ski slope right down to the camping area. In the camping area there is a pedestrian tunnel that you go through. Then follow the pink arrows either to the left (north) following around the lake or right (south), which is the shortest way to the hotel.

The longer route around the lake is 10.5 km and go to the pink wrist back again is the distance 6 km.

The trail map is marked with dark pink and dark pink dotted, paper map

Hiking in Store Mosse National

Store Mosse National Park (20 km from Hestraviken) is the largest mire south of Lapland. A paradise for bird watchers but also great for just walking. There are observation towers, cottages to bask in, picnic sites and several mil with marked trails. In autumn 2003, was inaugurated at the Store Mosse Visitor Centre, where the opportunity to take part of the bog’s history and amazing flora and fauna through an exhibition. Through the panoramic windows you can from the front row to watch birds life, even on days the weather keeps you indoors stay.

There are about 40 kilometers of hiking trails in the national park. Hike over pine-covered rocknar and by LEAFY cultivated land. In the middle of the raised bog is like being on a desolate moor in the north. Be sure to have sturdy shoes or boots, because it is wet in many places.

Here are some suggestions for hikes in Store Mosse National

The trail starts at the Visitor Centre and is adapted for the visually impaired, strollers and wheelchairs. There is a handrail along the entire trail. First, go through the mixed forest to then switch over to birch swamp forest. It goes out to a platform with benches and tables overlooking Kävsjöns quagmire. There are paper guide and audio guide to the trail. Paper Guide is available in a box at the beginning of the trail and audio guide are available to borrow free of charge in the Visitor Centre. Wibecksleden is the work of the Association Store Mosse National Park. It was completed in spring 2006.

1.2 km, 0.5 hours back and forth Paper Guide

A short kids loop of 300 meters with questions and answers. It is wheelchair accessible and is located between the car park and visitor center.

The walk can be started at four different entrances: Visitor Centre, Kävsjö, Svänö and Eastern Rockne. If you start at the Visitor Centre there where a paper guide for the entire route. It is located in a box at the car park. The paper guide is designed to walk clockwise around the lake. There is a rest cabin, campfire and toilet at Svänö. The trail runs mostly in the woods with a detour to the observation tower on Kävsjösidan and one at Svänö. On the east side of the lake will be submitted to the raised bog and the trail reason it is possible to take the east path and connect to svartgölsleden wheelchair accessible boardwalk out to Svartgölen. Do you take the west path will get you on the connection to the quagmire trail towards nature center so you do not cross the road 151.

13 km, 4.5 hours, the paper guide

The trail starts from East Rockne parking lot next to route 151. There is a paper guide to the trail. It is located in a box at the beginning of the trail is 1850 meters out to Svartgölen then the same way back. It follows the rock area, (vegetated dunes) to the wide träspången out to Svartgölen. Out at the puddle is a large ramp with tables and benches next to the water. It is sanitized wilderness feel with cranes trumpeting, grönbenor warning and raptors that hunt. It is possible to take a swim in the puddle after coffee for those who wish.

3.5 km, 1.5 hours, wheelchair accessible

At Häradsö you drive towards Hagen. Parking space is available next to the barn gable. The first part of the trail is outside the national park. Inside the park, the trail follows the old shoreline after Häradsö Lake. It is a fairly steep slope between the raised bog and lake. Here hedges both cranes and whooper swans. At the end of the trail there is a platform overlooking both the lake and raised bog. In the lake hedges both cranes and whooper swans. At the end of the trail there is a platform with views of both the lake and raised bog.

3.5 km 1.5 hours

The trail starts at the bridge over the railway at Kittlakull. It is only walking through the old peat area. Subsequently crossing the big ditch and come out on the real untouched raised bog. It is walking on planks approximately 1.5 km and here it is desolate feel and open spaces that apply. There is a paper guide to Little Lövö around the joint. The guide is available in a box where the stairs over the railway begins.

At Lilla Lövö consisting of mountains and the land brought storms much of the spruce and there is now a big break with dead trees. Lots of shelf fungi, lichens and insects thrive and the bird life is flourishing because of all the food.

After Little Lövö will trail up the rock are and follow them south to the croft Lövö where overnight accommodations are located. If you follow the rock pointing north you will return to Kittlakull Bridge and has wandered Little Lövö around.

Both walks are 6 km, 2 hours, Paper Guide