Isaberg Tree top adventure

A combination of climbing, sports, play and adventure high above the ground.

Isaberg Tree top Adventure

There are four courses with a total of 45 stations of up to 15 meters! An activity for those who want a memorable and adrenaline-packed experience up there sometimes treetops. You have a safety harness with snap hooks that you secure you through the entire course. Between each tree platform is a station, or a challenge. It may be, for example tightrope, rope bridges, breathtaking ziplines or cobwebs.



380 SEK for 12 years and upward – all four courses (45 stations)
310 SEK for 8 years – 11 years – three courses green, blue and red path.
250 SEK for 6 years – 7 years – green courses only

FAMILY OFFER sundays 13 April to 13 June and 1 september to 3 november

“The youngest is free in the Family” (minimum 4 persons / family, at least one active climbing parent family)
I.e. came 4, pay for 3 alt. came 5 pay for 4 (Can not be combined with other offers.)


Children under 12 years must climb with active climbing plant that keeps watch over the kids all the time. Maximum 2 children per adult.
Children under 18 who climbs alone must have parental approval and signature of the security conditions.
One should not start climbing until it had received the relevant instructions and been approved by a park instructor. Since you have two hours of climbing in the park, including the instruction that takes about 20 minutes.


Opening hours

Open during the sports holiday weeks and then from April 9

This activity is very popular so it is important to book early!