Exhibitions of culture, art and design

Art, garden, industrial-and historical point of views and furnituredesign are some of the exhibitions that can be reached from a short distance by car from Hestraviken


Tage Andersen at Gunillaberg

The famous Danish floral artist Tage Andersen owns since 2008 Gunilla Berg’s Mansion where he every summer organizes exhibitions and concerts. Gunilla Berg is a 30-minute drive from Hestraviken. It´s Summerexhibition is open from May 21 to September 13 at 11:00 to 18:00 and it´s Camelliaexhibition in the Orangery is open Saturday and Sunday, including Easter, from March 1 until April 19 at 11.00-17.00.

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Vandalorum in Värnamo

A complete new Art- and Design center, which was designed by the renowned architect Renzo Piano, who designed the Opera House in Athens, the Pompidou Centre , the Parco della Musica in Rome, etc. Vandalorum has both of qualified exhibitions of art and designs as well as permanent collections of Småland Art Archives . Open daily .



The House of Glass in Limmared

An exhibition with Limmaredglass from the 1700 through three centuries to today´s Absolut bottle. At The House of Glass , you also have the opportunity to try glass blowing and shaping your own glassware . Open every day except Mondays.



Furniturekingdom in Värnamo

At Bruno Mathssons Center, You can study the famous furnitureartists work. Even the furnituremaker Källemo have a showroom in Värnamo.

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Industrialmuseum in Gnosjö

Töllstorps Outdoormuseum and Hyltens Industrialmuseum. Here You can see a complete metalhardwarefactory from 1920 up and running and a wirework with workshops that are driven by waterwheels.

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Industrialmuseum in Gislaved

A museum that focuses on products manufactured in Gislaved over the years in plastics, rubber and leather. Product History, manufacturing methods and machinery. The Museum is located in Gislaveds oldest industrial building from 1893.