Cross country skiing and tour skiing

Tracks with artificial snow and natural snow is nearby and you can reach them within 30 minutes by car . For tour skiing we recommend  Komosse with good snowconditions even late in the season.

Tracks with artificial snow at Hagatorpet in Tranemo

In Tranemo,  30 minutes by car from Hestraviken,  You will find an artificial snow track of 4.1 kilometers which are suitable for both skate and classic skiing . The track is by Stadium character and moderately hilly. Illumination is available from 22.00. Changing room with shower is also open until 22:00. The tracks are surcharged. When access to natural snow accurs, there are more tracks up to 10 km.

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Tracks with natural snow at Store Mosse Nationalpark

At Store Mosse Nationalpark, 20 minutes away by car, there are tracks with natural snow that reminds of Northern Sweden. The tracks are genuine and flat. There are two tracks that prepares by a machine, 3 and 5 km . In addition to that there are wonderful opportunities for ski touringm.

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Ski touring with natural snow at Komosse

Komosse is situated on a plateau 305 meters above sea level , and here natural snow lies for long. By car you reach Komosse in 30 minutes from Hestraviken. Here you get magnificent experiences in untouched nature. There is much to discover here, such as small islands with pristine forests , small mini trees wich reminds of Bonsai trees and crooked pines that are shaped by the wind. The bog is perfect for touring with picnic. If You want to take the family on a cosytour, follow the footbridge of 5 km , which are often tracked by other skiers. You begin in the parking lot where there is an information board.

The Reception will help You with the route of getting there.

Tracks with naturalsnow in Hestra and in Gnosjö

Isamon in Hestra (3 km) and Töllstorp in Gnosjö (10 km) both have tracks with natural snow.  The tracks are prepared by a machine. There are both shorter tracks with illumunation and longer tracks without.

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