Meeting package feel good

Our healthy conference packages include meals that primarily provide energy and well being. Our scenic surroundings, we hope to attract a good workout or two. There are plenty of walking paths, trails that are perfect for a bracing walk, jog mm. Bicycles, mountain bikes, rowboats, canoes are available for use. For those who want to relax, we recommend a moment in our lovely relaxation area.

A conference day consists of:

Arrival Refreshments: Scones Buffet, smoothies, fresh cut fruit, etc.

Lunch: main course with a focus on the green with fish or seafood, “power salad”

Afternoon tea consisting of  for example fruit salad with Kesella topping, rye bread sandwiches with avocado, rostaed nuts. Yummie!

The dinner begins with a light appetizer, main course with a focus on the green fish, chicken or meat. Moreover, sourdough bread and our own cheese. We end with dark chocolate truffles.

Overnight and our KRAV-marked breakfast

Before your workout, we offer energy snacks for example  our own power bars, energy smoothies or fruits

Try a different meeting model Walk & talk

Reservation Request online or call us on the phone 0370-336800 alt. send us an email



Book into an inspiring lecture by Magnus Carlsson.

Magnus runs the company Carlson Communication AB. Magnus Carlson also works for everyday fitness coach for HV71. He has worked in the HV71 since over 20 years. As a leader, he has won 5 SM – gold with HV71, including 3 in the SHL.

In addition, Magnus works to motivate, coach and develop individuals and teams within the organization and industry.

Magnus adapt their lectures from everything from short “inspirational, motivational lectures” to more deeply process days. A theme that makes many want to hear Magnus’s about teamwork; “How good we want to be?” Here he takes up many of the things that winning TEAM.
Many customers return to Magnus mission after the first operation and it makes him a good partner for us at Hestraviken. We recommend him warmly!

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