Foot Golf course at Isaberg GK par 6 hole length of 50 to 120 meters. Foot Golf is an activity suitable for all ages and requires no prior knowledge

How to Play foot golf

Foot Golf is played almost exactly like normal golf. Instead of hitting the ball with a club, we use our legs to kick the ball from the tee to the hole.

Each hole has a length and a Par. Par meant by the expected number of kicks to cope hole on. The hole is marked with a yellow flag (regular golf played against the white flag on the putting green). There is a metal cap over the hole that you can simply lift off and put aside. Please replace the lid after finishing hole. If you fall into an obstacle, for example, water hazards, the same rules of golf. So either try to kick the ball from the obstacle or drop it with two arm lengths from the edge of the obstacle, take a duty park and then continue from the new plastic.

The time to play on Foot golf course is a round about 20-30 minutes. The course is located 3 km from the Hestraviken.


100 SEK Senior and Junior 50 SEK. Play as much as you want on the same day.

Bring your own ball or rent in the club’s office for 20 SEK / ball. You can also get a scorecard at the office where the results noted.

Start times and rules

Foot Golf is played on Isabergs short hole course for regular golf.

Queuing system where you put a golf ball in the gutter and then waits for the group’s turn to start.

Remember that it is okay to play foot golf and golf at the same time, in the same ball / group. Take extra care when children are in and keep an eye for golfers who swing their golf clubs.

It is absolutely forbidden to use football boots or similar on the course. Gym sports shoes or sneakers are preferred.

If you are a larger group you can rent the entire path then turns off the group.