High Chaparral

High Chaparral

High Chaparral

High Chaparral

High Chaparral

High Chaparral, Wild West adventure park

A very popular adventure park for the whole family 30 km from the Hestraviken

High Chaparral – a completely unique experience

High Chaparral offers a unique theme park with Wild West. Stunt shows, steam train rides, amusement parks and real revolver men. A paradise for children and adults who want to play cowboys.


The Wild West was an era in American history in which cowboys, soldiers, trappers, and Indians all came together on the plains. Towns popped up where gold was found and life evolved from one-horse towns to major cities. In the park you will meet characters like trappers, bandits, cowboys, Indians, Sheriffs, Mexicans,  Lucky Luke and Zorro

Good reviews

Voted by families with children as Sweden’s best theme park for children in the Nordic region both 2017, 2018 and 2019. Postponed to 2019’s tourist destination in the category entertainment and amusement park.

All shows are included in the ticket

High Chaparral’s shows are meant to make you feel like you are in the Wild West of the 1800s. Colorful dances, breathtaking stunts, thrilling stories and comedy, songs and music – there’s a show for everyone.

Meet the legend Zorro in Old Mexico. He duels with his sword, outsmart villains, doing amazing stunts and much more.

Opening Hours at High Chaparral 2020

High Chaparral is open on weekends 21-24 May, 30-31 May and 6-7 June, From 13 June – 16 August they are open every day between 10-18 and Saturday-Sunday 29-30 August

Opening time is 10 am – 6 pm

Colorful dances, breathtaking stunts, thrilling stories and comedy, song and music. Do not miss our shows that transports you to the 1800s Wild West in America

high-chaparral_vildwest _show
Trigger-happy men, fast horses, fighters and hearty raw sweeps are all included in our fast paced Wild West Show. Welcome to the Western arena for a smashing experience that will be a memory for life. Ps. Children who are afraid of loud noises should use earplugs.

High Chaparral_Lucky-Luke_show

The city’s patron Lucky Luke too busy to keep their arch enemies the Dalton Brothers under control. Dalton will find the new bus every day but Lucky Luke always manage to put them in jail and then ride off into the sunset. Lucky Luke gladly help of every cowboy, cowgirl, rifle and pistol found in this show.


Ugh! Indian show gives you an insight into the Indian millenary culture and traditions. During the show mixed ritual songs with ritual dances in authentic clothing and adornments. Become part of a millennial culture with tipis, buffalo, rain dance, eagle feathers and crafts Indianön.


In Old Mexico you will meet Zorro, also known as the “people’s avengers”. The city is governed with an iron hand by Captain Zorro Montecero but always manage to ruin his plans. Now Montecero tired of all the rumors about Zorros grand entrances, his skills with the sword and that his soldiers will ridicule him. That’s why he hired Mexico’s most notorious bounty hunter, Dynamit-bandit Carlos, to capture Zorro.

An ingenious and helpful settlers named Sven-Erik Johansson has moved in to High Chaparral. Every day he is seen cobble at his house and he is grateful for the children’s help. Sven-Erik is also a tricky business, and hold auctions on Main Street. Where you can find up a bargain.

Throw your self into the adventure. Take the train to Old Mexico, pan for gold, climb aboard a paddle steamer, help settler Sven-Erik build their house or take a ride like a real cowboy or cowgirl. High Chaparral are lots of thrilling Wild West experience.


An ingenious and helpful settlers named Sven-Erik Johansson has moved in to High Chaparral. Every day he is seen cobble at his house and he is grateful for the children’s help. Sven-Erik is also a tricky business, and hold auctions on Main Street. Where you can find up a bargain.

Time: at. 12:00 every day throughout the season.
Location of house building: Buffalo City.

Time: at. 14:00 every day throughout the season.
Place of auction: Main Street, outside Kate’s Palace.


The whistle howling, the smell of burning coal and the steam escaping from the engine settles as a thick layer of haze over the station. Get aboard! Now we go to Old Mexico.

During the trip passes the scenery pass by in a comfortable pace, you greet the other passengers and look forward to come to Old Mexico. But wait. What happens? Why train stops here? Here there’s no center? The panic crawling and you realize what is happening. There are bandits on the trail!

Price: SEK 30

High Chaparral paddle steamer Natchez, you will find at the Wild West Arena located on the square next to the River City Saloon, on the way to Old Mexico.
A paddle steamer is a steamer driven forward using the paddle wheel. The wheel was sitting on the side of the ship or aft depending on whether it would go on the sea or river.


Knock me sideways! Here there are lots of gold. The gleaming grains may be hard to come by, but when you have succeeded once you are stuck. If you also find enough gold, you can trade it in against a High Chaparral dollars.

It was tough to be gold diggers in the Wild West. They often had to defend themselves against both the Indians and wild animals. And if that’s not enough. The miners also needed to be on guard against competitors who gladly stole gold bags, or worse deed to the gold mine.

Price: SEK 30

high-chaparral_vildwest _show


Stagecoach was first used in the mid-1700s in the United States. The storming forward at a speed between six and eleven mil per hour. Total could go up to 200 mil a day.

The well-known transportation company Wells Fargo & Company had rules that passengers had to follow to the journeys would go smoothly and nicely. The same rules apply to the High Chaparral. Our stagecoaches Moreover handmade copies of Wells Fargo stagecoaches.

Price: 25 SEK


More Experiences
Watch the 800 kg heavy bison, visit the miniature town of Buffalo City or visit Uncle Sam’s house where nothing is as it should be. Peek into the smithy, sit down for a while in the church with biblical ceiling and wall paintings, try pony trekking or horseback riding. Take the opportunity to immortalize your visit in Photo Studio, obviously in period attire. Round off with a session in the Big Bengt Museum and fascinated by the collection of old vintage cars, motorcycles, toys, paintings and porcelain

High-Chaparral_western -dagar

Western weekend June 30 to July 2 2017

För trettonde året i rad arrangeras Western Weekend helgen efter midsommar. Det blir tre dagar fullspäckade med westernridning, trapperträff och linedance.

De minsta besökarna vill förstås också vara cowboys och cowgirls och kan därför prova både ponnyridning och lassokastning.

En unik marknad med westernutrustning för både häst och ryttare samt kläder, boots, inredning och indianhantverk finns också på eventarenan


Civil War 5 of august 2017

Civil War är en dag med historiska förtecken. På prärien (bakom Diligensstationen) kan ni se nord- & sydstasläger. På fältet mitt emot indianön får ni uppleva ett uppvisningsslag mellan nord- och sydstatssoldater.

This year, the number of people who can visit High Chaparral at the same time is limited due to the restriction of the spread of the Coronavirus. Pre-booking of seats and tickets must therefore be done online directly at High Chaparral